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Inveterated in February, 2020, Golden Sphere Construction Ltd is an establishment that deals in residential and commercial projects. Under the exemplary guidance of our Managing Director and Project Sponsor, Mr. Shiv Bhushan Gokulsing (Navneet), we undertake construction, individual micro solutions affiliated to construction like electricals, based on budget and value specifications.
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Sphere of a Life Time


As an organization, we intend to establish firm roots in the local construction arena by re-conceptualizing the current construction practices. We look forward to enhancing our concepts by amalgamating the fundamentals of international standard know-how, professionalism and artful architecture in the core of the construction sector. Inducing style and soul in concrete structures through art styles to add the invigorating feel of a home while reinstating the lost trust of people in the construction sector by bringing back the values of honesty and culture is our primary purpose. Apart from this, we aspire to fuse the notions of design and love into the technological aspect of the field in the journey towards the goal of creating a seamless future in the field of construction by proposing innovative and intriguing ideas for the local consumers.

Constructing Dreams


We work under the guidance of an erudite, cultured, and humble leader who possesses a clear vision about the organization and its goals. He acquires an exemplary knowledge of the construction sector owing to the past experiences in the field.

The company owes its untarnished reputation to his way of approaching every hindrance with sheer optimism and a bright smile. Because of being strongly rooted in the core values of trust, empathy and practicality he boasts of an impeccable reputation among his pool of clients. His hard work, honest approach and course of action of maintaining a strong balance between logic and emotions is what inspires his team to put forward the best concepts and ideas.

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Shiv Gokulsing (Navneet) Founder/CEO

Leads the daily operations at Golden Sphere, including product development and project management. Navneet is passionate about people, state of the art technology, and really efficient processes. Oversees all stages of Golden Sphere's product lifecycle. Strategic thinker with a passion for building teams and creating elegant solutions to complex problems. Fearlessly leads our construction teams and is also responsible for Golden Sphere’s holistic approach in the construction industry. His focus is on client satisfaction, with a passion for backend architecture and infrastructure.