Constructing Dreams

We work under the guidance of an erudite, cultured, and humble leader who possesses a clear vision about the organization and its goals. He acquires an exemplary knowledge of the construction sector owing to the past experiences in the field.
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The company owes its untarnished reputation to his way of approaching every hindrance with sheer optimism and a bright smile. Because of being strongly rooted in the core values of trust, empathy and practicality he boasts of an impeccable reputation among his pool of clients. His hard work, honest approach and course of action of maintaining a strong balance between logic and emotions is what inspires his team to put forward the best concepts and ideas.

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Shiv Bhushan Gokulsing (Navneet)

Well educated and very cultured. holds a Degree in Construction Management from the London South Bank University in the UK. has been involved in various construction projects throughout the island over the last few years. demonstrated a unique approach to various stages in the construction process and is highly rated amongst his pool of clients. Highly Ethical and projects qualities like TRUST, HONSETY and PROGRESSIVE
  • Below 30 yrs.
  • Humble yet confident
  • Clear about the objectives and has a strategic bent of the mind
  • Good balance between logic & emotions
  • Ful of dreams- Practical ones
  • Always smile on the face
  • Likes Class, Subtle..top-shelf but not Loud
  • Idealist but not impractical
  • Strongly rooted in Values
  • Cannot do business where humanity and feelings

Organisation Objective

  • Tap into the local construction market
  • Re-define the construction industry
  • Change the whole soul and paradigm of the construction sector by inducing international standard know-how, professionalism and state of the art Architecture
  • Win back the Trust of the people here in the construction sector which has been eroding
  • Expose the landscape to new ideas, new way of living their lives, provide state of the art HOMES with STYLE & SOUL and not just concrete which is called a house
  • Ideas where technology, design and love merge
  • enthusiastic to bring to local customers innovative and futuristic structures that will not only cater for their requirements in the present but also for the years to come